Artist Database

Ashawagh Hall maintains a database of artists and arts organizations in Suffolk – and beyond.

It is used for general mailing purposes, the Arts Service newsletter for artists and arts organizations – keeping artists informed of other opportunities and for internal review of the services we offer.

If you would like your details added to our database, please email your name, address, and the art form you work in to Artist Database. If you’d like us to link your name to your web site please include the url in the form If you’d like your phone number listed please let us know.

Abby Abrams – painter/sculptor

Sally Breen – landscape Oil Paintings

East End Photographers Group

Gerry Giliberti – photography, print making and sculpture

Carolyn Munaco Haines

Julie Hopkins – pastel & oil paintings

Andrew “Zig” Leipzig – painter/digital painter  631 567-0919

Hildy Maze 631-324-7842 – Oil Mixed Media, Clay Sculpture, Oil, Oil Crayon, Pencil Drawings

Bethany Peters – Fine Arts

Ty Stroudsburg – Oil/Linen

Susan Vecsey – Painter and Photographer